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Choosing the best neighborhood to live in London

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When presented with the opportunity to move to London, it’s zero hesitation for most. With BARNES London as your guide, searching for the perfect luxury property in the United Kingdom capital is easy. However, deciding which vibrant London neighborhood to make your new home is another story.

Having too many options can be overwhelming, but taking the time to discover the traditional yet diverse streets to live in London is completely worth it. Here, we feature some standout residential neighborhoods, from classic to newer developments, each representing a side of London.

Notting Hill

Families fall completely head over heels for the village-like charm of Notting Hill. With a colorful quality of life, this coveted neighborhood offers variety, from the grandiose to the whimsical, large stucco-fronted Georgian estates to rows of colorful pastel houses on Elgin Crescent. There’s an air of tradition reigning over white Victorian townhouses and even the more modest semi-detached or completely detached-style properties, boasting beautiful outdoor spaces, such as English-style gardens, terraces, and front yards.


Chelsea is known to be one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in central London. It enjoys the intimacy and comfort of a small town, with total access to the premium amenities and conveniences afforded by a major city. Set on the riverfront, Chelsea is also experiencing a surge of ultra-luxe real estate developments and residential complexes overlooking the River Thames, attracting buyers with high purchasing power.


Located in the East End, Shoreditch is known for its artistic atmosphere and creative energy. The buyer profile is young but professional, with timeless taste and an affinity for the avant-garde. The rise of trendy restaurants, bars, cafes, galleries, and concept spaces in Shoreditch has been followed by a neighborhood-wide facelift. With it, a selection of high-end, refurbished housing offers luxury lofts and apartments that feature the latest in interior design and technology.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is a bit of a hidden gem in London. Situated just to the north of Regent’s Park, the setting is peaceful and enchanting, traced with pristine streets and discreetly lavish homes with beautifully landscaped gardens. In constant bloom, Primrose Hill is a ray of sunshine in the gloom, offering a privileged quality of life in the heart of the city.


Steps from the West End, the affluent neighborhood of Mayfair blows an air of prestige and elegant, lined with renovated Georgian terraced houses that merge the tradition of high culture with the highest standards of modern comfort. Parents should also consider the wide variety of prestigious schools in the vicinity: St. George's, Connaught House, Queen’s College London, and Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle for French-speakers.

This is just a glimpse of what you can expect in London, where a beautiful life awaits you in one of its unique neighborhoods. Let BARNES London accompany your search for a high-end property in the London neighborhood that best meets your needs and expectations.

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