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BARNES installs its concept store in South Kensington



BARNES is opening a concept store in London that goes well beyond the real estate agency. In this club-like space, visitors will enjoy a diverse range of services, from yachting to wine estates and art.

Considered a benchmark for luxury real estate, BARNES creates the event in South Kensington with the inauguration of its London concept store at 113-115 Old Brompton Road, in the premises of a former nineteenth century bank whose vaulted basements will eventually be converted into offices.

The atmosphere has been thought to evoke the comfort of a large apartment; the colors are warm, the lights soothing. The strength of this concept store lies in the its response to the wishes and passions of BARNES customers. This 420 m2 space, unique in London, is home to both the club, the art gallery and the upscale real estate agency.

An innovation that redefines real estate

In addition to prestigious international real estate, the concept store focuses on three passions dear to the English in general and Londoners in particular: yachting, vineyards and art. Consultants dedicated to each of these universes (BARNES Art Advisory, BARNES Yachts and BARNES Vineyards Investment) will be present, between vernissages, wine tastings for the domains offered for sale and events related to yachting news.

The concept store designed by BARNES embodies a new definition of real estate. A formula that has already been successfully implemented in St. Barts and will be rolled out in 2020 in Luxembourg and Moscow.