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Legal consulting / Investment consulting

Legal consulting / Investment consulting

London: a special case

BARNES London provides its international clients with a range of extensive and customised bespoke services when it comes to legal and investment consulting.

An integrated division of BARNES, BARNES Investment Consulting supports and guides you towards the best investment vehicles, depending on your target returns and the time required to reach them. Whether these are residential properties, offices, vineyards, yachts, or contemporary works of art, entrust us with your project and we will help to optimise your investment.

Operating at the highest levels in the main international finance sectors, BARNES Investment Consulting advises investors on the management of their assets, while maintaining a personalised approach as an absolute priority.
Our objective is to keep in mind the identity and concerns of each of our clients.
The BARNES Investment Consulting structure is devoted entirely to wealth management, encompassing all the BARNES offices operating in 15 countries and more than 60 destinations. We put our clients in contact with the best investment banks and international financial organisations, which allows BARNES Investment Consulting to offer its clients an all-round view of the world of finance.

Operating as an attentive, discreet and solicitous Family Office, BARNES Investment Consulting is always on call to its key account clients and their needs, whatever these may be. Corporate financing, inheritance management, purchase of exclusive properties and access to off-market properties, support for planned purchases of atypical properties such as hotels, equine farms, forests, hunting estates, vineyards or golf courses, corporate merger and acquisition proposals, recommendations for an entry into the art market... the fields in which BARNES Investment Consulting operates are every bit as broad and diversified as the expectations of its premium clients!  

The London market has long been considered a special case on the world stage, with residential real estate prices often exceeding the £10 million (around €11 million) threshold. Whether residents or new arrivals in the UK capital, international clients expect legal and investment advice that takes into account the specific characteristics of the British and London market. All the more so given that British legislation is not set in stone, thus requiring constant monitoring of relevant subjects.

Non-resident foreign clients are generally unaware of how property transactions are conducted in the United Kingdom. Particularly when it comes to the central role of solicitors, from preparing dossiers up to the signing of deeds (unlike most of the rest of Europe, proxy is very much the norm here!).

BARNES London therefore acts as an intermediary in order to facilitate exchanges and speed up the administrative and legal procedures wherever possible. The same goes for credit institutions, banks, as well as mortgage and insurance brokers.

The BARNES London team aims to make acquisitions and investments in the UK a smooth and transparent experience, a guarantee of a long-term relationship based on trust with its international clientèle.