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Purchasing a 2 bedroom flat in London



It is one of the most sought after real estate investment products in London. Why ?

A flat with 2 bedrooms in London that can easily be rented at an interesting rent level because it corresponds to a strong demand from young entrepreneurs or young family. It can also be shared, which is very common in London, even for people with the income to live alone.

In addition, the flats in London with two bedrooms resell very well and easily. Thus, the real estate investment remains relatively liquid and the amount invested can be quickly reallocated for another real estate project or another investment. The rental profitability of a 2-bedroom flat in London is generally agreeable but above all, it is a risk-free investment. The why? London lacks accommodations with two rooms.

How to choose the two-room flat right for an investment. The space must correspond to particular criteria. It must be well located and in good condition, that is, ready to be rented. It must have two bathrooms, so that each occupant of each room has one. In general, it is rented furnished.

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The little extras of your future flat: an elevator, a concierge, beautiful light, parking, a gym, a swimming pool. These amenities increase the rental value of the flat, allowing it to reach a particular clientele. For example, US investors and tenants enjoy the pool. The French often prefer parking.

Our Concept store BARNES London finds exceptional real estate and advises its customers to make them benefit from the best opportunities on the market. Special witnesses of the rumblings of the London real estate market of the last few months, members of the BARNES London team share with their customers, often foreigners or expatriates, the best tendencies to sell or buy at the right price.