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The revival of the London real estate market

Market analysis


The British have this way of adapting to anything, to do without, to recover from each crisis. And this crisis, linked to a process, the 'Brexit', which seems interminable, comes to an end and has brought, like every crisis, its share of opportunities.

The depreciation of the pound sterling, an essential element of London real estate market, attracts foreign investors. Proof: the incredible number of cranes in action in some areas of London. New programs are born and traded (about 10%). In the ancient real estate market of London, prices are also discussed (15%).

The UK needs foreign investors and London, the epitome of the cosmopolitan city, is attracting them. Recently, on the streets of London, there is virtually only talk of the mobile application that allows the 3.5 million European foreigners to apply to stay in the country after leaving the country of the EU, who have left or will leave.

For London remains London and will remain so; a city unique in the world, dynamic, with innumerable charms, endearing neighborhoods, with an energy equally soothing as it is exciting.

In this context the concept store BARNES London has been able to find exceptional real estate and advise its customers in a way for them to benefit from the best opportunities on the market. Lucky witnesses of the fluctuations of the London real estate market during these last months, members of the BARNES London team share with their clients, often foreigners, expatriates, the best tendencies in selling or buying at the right price.

Contact us to benefit from foreign investments or to acquire a property in London at the best conditions. Our agency in London is international because of its customers and belongs to the BARNES INTERNATIONAL network, present in the most beautiful cities and regions of the world.